Horse Preclinical Assays

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Cat No Product Tests
PB0123E-100 Anti-Equine (horse) CCL2 (MCP-1) Polyclonal Antibody - Antigen-affinity Purification? 100 ug
PB0050E-100 Anti-Equine (horse) IL-2 Polyclonal Antibody - Antigen-affinity Purification? 100 ug
PB0052E-100 Anti-Equine (horse) IL-4 Polyclonal Antibody - Antigen-affinity Purification? 100 ug
PBB0051E-050 Biotinylated Anti-Equine (horse) IL-2 Polyclonal Antibody - Antigen-affinity Purification? 50 ug
PBB0053E-050 Biotinylated Anti-Equine (horse) IL-4 Polyclonal Antibody - Antigen-affinity Purification? 50 ug
EFR003 Equine Free thyronine Indes, FT4 ELISA kit 96
ET002 Equine thymidylate synthase, TS ELISA Kit 96
EO007 Equine 2'-5'-Oligoadenylate Synthetase-Like, OASL ELISA Kit 96
EA002 Equine A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 10, ADAM10 ELISA Kit 96
EA009* Equine A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 29, ADAM29 ELISA kit 96
EA003 Equine Abnormal prothrombin, APT ELISA Kit 96
EA005* Equine Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase Synthetase, ACC ELISA Kit 96
EA004 Equine Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) ELISA Kit 96
EA006 Equine Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule, ALCAM ELISA Kit 96
EA007 Equine acylated ghrelin, AG ELISA Kit 96
EA008 Equine adenylyl cyclase 1, AC-1 ELISA Kit 96
EAD001 Equine Adiponectin, ADP ELISA kit 96
EA010 Equine advanced glycation end products, AGEs ELISA Kit 96
EA011 Equine advanced oxidation protein products, AOPP ELISA Kit 96
EAL001 Equine Albumin, Alb ELISA kit 96
EA019 Equine Alpha-2-antiplasmin, Alpha-2-AP/SERPINF2 ELISA kit 96
EI001 Equine alpha-L-iduronidase, IDUA ELISA Kit 96
EN001 Equine Alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase/NAGLU/UFHSD1 ELISA kit 96
EP006 Equine Alpha-type platelet-derived growth factor receptor?PDGF-R-alpha ELISA kit 96
EA013 Equine Amylin ELISA Kit 96
E10A0003 Equine Angiogenin Elisa Kit (ANG) 96
EA014 Equine Angiopoietin 1, ANG-1 ELISA Kit 96
EA001 Equine Angiopoietin 4 ANGPT4 ELISA Kit 96
EA016 Equine Angiopoietin-1 receptor/TEK, TIE2 ELISA kit 96
EA015 Equine angiostatin, ANG ELISA Kit 96
EA018 Equine angiotension I, Ang-I ELISA Kit 96
EAN001 Equine Annexin V ELISA kit 96
EB001 Equine B cell activation factor BAFF/CD257/TALL1/BLYS/TNFSF13B ELISA Kit 96
EB004 Equine B-cell lymphoma 6 protein, BCL6 ELISA kit 96
EB002 Equine bone morpho-genetic proteins(BMPs)ELISA kit 96
EB003 Equine Bradykinin, BK ELISA Kit 96
E10B0002 Equine Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Elisa Kit (BDNF) 96
EC016 Equine C-C chemokine receptor type 3, CCR3/CD193/CKR3 ELISA kit 96
EC015 Equine C-C motif chemokine 26, CCL26/Eotaxin-3 ELISA kit 96
EC017 Equine C-X-C motif chemokine 5/Epithelial Neutrophil Activating Peptide 78, CXCL5/ENA-78 ELISA Kit 96
EC001 Equine C4 binding protein, C4BP ELISA Kit 96
EC012 Equine Caspase 3, Casp-3/apoptosis-related cysteine protease ELISA Kit 96
EC011 Equine Caspase-9, Casp-9 ELISA Kit 96
E10C0001 Equine Caveolin 1 Elisa Kit (CAV1) 96
EC014 Equine CC-chemokine receptor 1, CCR1/CD191 ELISA Kit 96
EC010 Equine CC-Chemokine Receptor 2, CCR2 ELISA Kit 96
EC013 Equine CC-Chemokine Receptor 5, CCR5/CD195 ELISA Kit 96
EC003 Equine circulating immune complex, CIC ELISA Kit 96
EC018 Equine cluster of differentiation 2/lymphocyte function associated antigen 2, CD2/LFA-2 ELISA Kit 96
EC005 Equine cluster of differentiation 4, CD4 ELISA kit 96
ECO001 Equine Collagen ELISA kit 96
EC004 Equine Connective tissue growth factor?CTGF/CCN2 ELISA kit 96
EC0005 Equine costimulatory molecules recptor, CMR ELISA Kit 96
EC006* Equine Cyclin-dependent kinase 2, CDK2 ELISA kit 96
EC008* Equine cytotoxic T lymphocyte associated antigen 4, CTLA-4 ELISA Kit 96
EC007 Equine Cytotoxin-associated protein, CagA ELISA Kit 96
E10D0153 Equine Defensin Beta 2 Elisa Kit (DEFb2) 96
ED002* Equine DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1?DNMT1 ELISA Kit 96
EE001 Equine Early growth response protein 1, EGR1 ELISA kit 96
EE002* Equine Eotaxin-2/CCL24/MPIF-2 ELISA Kit 96
EE005 Equine Eotaxin1/CCL11/ECF ELISA Kit 96
EE003 Equine Epidermal growth factor, EGF ELISA kit 96
EES001 Equine Estradiol E2 ELISA kit 96
EF001 Equine Fibrin ELISA Kit 96
EF002 Equine Fibronectin ELISA kit 96
EF003 Equine forkhead box O1, FOXO1 ELISA Kit 96
EFR001 Equine Free Estriol, f-E3 ELISA kit 96
EFP002 Equine Free Tri-iodothyronine Indes (FT3) ELISA kit 96
EG0001 Equine Gamma-tubulin complex component 3, TUBGCP3 ELISA kit 96
BG010 Equine GATA Binding Protein 3, GATA3 ELISA kit 96
EG002 Equine glucagon like peptide 2, GLP2 ELISA kit 96
EG003 Equine glucagon-like peptide-1, GLP-1 ELISA Kit 96
EG004 Equine glucose transporter 1, GLUT1 ELISA kit 96
EG006 Equine Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor, G-CSF ELISA Kit 96
EG005 Equine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor, GM-CSF ELISA Kit 96
EG001 Equine Granzyme K GZMK/Granzyme 3/Tryptase II ELISA Kit 96
EG007 Equine growth differentiation factor 11, GDF11 ELISA kit 96
EH001 Equine hepatocyte growth factor, HGF/Hepapoietin A/Scatter Factor ELISA kit 96
EH002* Equine Heregulin beta1 NRG1/HRG beta 1 ELISA kit 96
EH003* Equine heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein E, hnRNP E ELISA Kit 96
EH004* Equine heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein P2, hnRNP P2 ELISA Kit 96
EH005 Equine Histamine, HIS ELISA KIT 96
EH007 Equine histon-H2b ELISA Kit 96
EH006 Equine Histone Deacetylase, HDAC3 ELISA Kit 96
EHI001 Equine hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha, HIF-1alpha ELISA kit 96
EHI002 Equine hypoxia-inducible factor 2, HIF-2 ELISA kit 96
EIN001 Equine Inhibin alpha chain, INHA ELISA kit 96
E10I0080 Equine Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3 Elisa Kit (IGFBP3) 96
EI003 Equine insulin-like growth factors 1, IGF-1 ELISA Kit 96
EI002 Equine interleukin 10, IL-10 ELISA Kit 96
EI008 Equine Interleukin 3, IL-3 ELISA Kit 96
EI006 Equine Interleukin 4, IL-4 ELISA kit 96
EIL002 Equine Interleukin 8, IL-8/CXCL8 ELISA kit 96
EI007 Equine Interleukin-13 IL-13 ELISA Kit 96
EIL001 Equine Interleukin-6, IL-6 ELISA kit 96
EI005 Equine Intracellular Legumain ELISA kit 96
EI004* Equine Isodesmosine, IDES ELISA Kit 96
EK001 Equine keratinocyte autocrine factor/Amphiregulin, KAF/AR ELISA Kit 96
EK002* Equine keyhole limpet hemocyanin, KLH ELISA Kit 96
EL001 Equine L-Carnitine ELISA Kit 96
EL005 Equine L-Selectin, SELP/CD66L ELISA kit 96
EL002 Equine Leptin, LEP ELISA Kit 96
EC009 Equine Leukocyte surface antigen CD47, CD47 ELISA kit 96
EL003 Equine Lipopolysaccharides, LPS ELISA Kit 96
EL004 Equine Lipoxin A4, LXA4 ELISA Kit 96
EM008 Equine macrophage migration inhibitory factor?MIF ELISA Kit 96
EM010 Equine Matrix metalloproteinase 1, MMP-1 ELISA Kit 96
EM001 Equine Matrix Metalloproteinase 11 MMP11 ELISA kit 96
EM0001* Equine MBL Oligomer ELISA Kit 96
EM003 Equine Melatonin, MT ELISA Kit 96
EM004 Equine Midkine/Neurite Growth-Promoting Factor 2, MK/NEGF2 ELISA Kit 96
EM005 Equine Mitogen-activated protein kinase 14, MAPK14 ELISA kit 96
EM012 Equine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 2/Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 8, MCP-2/CCL8 ELISA Kit 96
EM013 Equine monocyte chemotactic protein 3/chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 7, MCP-3/CCL7 ELISA kit 96
EM014 Equine monocyte chemotactic protein 4/chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 13, MCP-4/CCL13 ELISA kit 96
EM002 Equine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 5, MCP-5/Ccl12/Scya12 ELISA Kit 96
EM006 Equine monokine induced by interferon-gamma, MIG/CXCL9 ELISA Kit 96
EM009 Equine Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 7, Smad7 ELISA Kit 96
EM007 Equine Motilin, MTL ELISA Kit 96
EMU001 Equine Mullerian inhibitor substance, MIS/AMH/MIF ELISA kit 96
EMY001 Equine Myeloperoxidase, MPO ELISA kit 96
ENC001 Equine N-cadherin/Cadherin-2, CDH2/CD325 ELISA kit 96
EN003 Equine Nerve growth factor, NGF ELISA kit 96
EN004 Equine neutrophil peptide 1-3, HNP1-3 ELISA Kit 96
EO001* Equine Oncostatin M-R, OSM-R ELISA kit 96
EO004 Equine Oncostatin-M, OSM ELISA Kit 96
EO002 Equine Osteopontin, OPN ELISA Kit 96
EO003 Equine oxidized high density lipoprotein, Ox-HDL ELISA Kit 96
EO005 Equine Oxidizided Glutathione, GSSG ELISA Kit 96
EO006 Equine oxyntomodulin, OXM ELISA Kit 96
EP007 Equine P-Selectin, SELP/CD66P ELISA kit 96
EP001 Equine Pancreatic Polypeptide, PP ELISA Kit 96
EP003 Equine Parathyroid Hormone, PTH ELISA kit 96
EP004 Equine placenta growth factor PLGF ELISA Kit 96
EP002 Equine plasmin/fibrinolysin, PL/Fbn ELISA Kit 96
EP008 Equine plasminogen activator inhibitor 1, PAI-1 ELISA Kit 96
EP005* Equine Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-BB?PDGF-BB ELISA Kit 96
EPR001 Equine progesterone ELISA kit 96
EP009* Equine Properdin, CFP ELISA kit 96
ESC001 Equine sCD31/Soluble Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule, sPECAM-1 ELISA kit 96
EE004 Equine sE-selectin, SELE/CD66E ELISA Kit 96
ES009 Equine Septin-9/multiplication-stimulating factor, SEPT9/MSF ELISA kit 96
ES003* Equine sFas Ligand/CD178/CD95L/Fas-L/Tnfsf6/APT1LG1 ELISA Kit 96
ES021 Equine soluble cell adhesion molecules-1?sICAM-1 ELISA kit 96
ESC002 Equine Soluble leukocyte differentiation antigens 44 standard, sCD44s ELISA kit 96
ES006* Equine Soluble P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1, sPSGL-1 ELISA kit 96
ES001 Equine soluble Vascuolar Cell Adhesion Molecule 1, sVCAM-1/CD106 ELISA Kit 96
ES005 Equine sonic hedgehog N-Terminus, Shh-N ELISA Kit 96
EC002* Equine Stem Cell Factor Receptor, SCFR /CD117/C-kit ELISA Kit 96
ES002 Equine Stem cell factor/mast cell growth factor, SCF/MGF ELISA kit 96
ETH001 Equine Testosterone T ELISA kit 96
ET003 Equine Thymopentin, TP-5 ELISA Kit 96
ET004 Equine thymus independent antigen, TI-Ag ELISA Kit 96
ET005 Equine thymus-dependent antigen, TD-Ag ELISA Kit 96
ETH002 Equine Thyroxine T4 ELISA kit 96
ETI001 Equine tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1, TIMP-1 ELISA kit 96
ET008 Equine Tissue Polypeptide Antigen, TPA ELISA Kit 96
ET009 Equine tissue polypeptide specific antigen, TPS ELISA Kit 96
EA012 Equine TNF alpha converting enzyme, TACE/ADAM17 ELISA Kit 96
ET010 Equine TNF related activation induced cytokine, TRANCE ELISA Kit 96
ET011* Equine TNF-related-apoptosis-inducing-ligand?TRAIL ELISA Kit 96
ET021 Equine toll-like receptor 2, TLR2 ELISA Kit 96
ET020 Equine toll-like receptor 4, TLR4 ELISA Kit 96
ET015 Equine Toll-like receptor 7, TLR7 ELISA kit 96
ET014 Equine Toll-like receptor 9, TLR9 ELISA kit 96
ET013 Equine Transcription Factor/Activator Protein 1, AP-1/JUN ELISA kit 96
ET012 Equine Transforming growth factor alpha TGF-alpha ELISA kit 96
ETR001 Equine transforming growth factor-beta1, TGF-beta1 ELISA kit 96
ET006 Equine transforming growth factor-beta2, TGF-beta2 ELISA kit 96
ET007 Equine transforming growth factor-beta3, TGF-beta3 ELISA kit 96
ERI001 Equine Tri-iodothyronine T3 ELISA kit 96
ET016 Equine Trypsinogen-2, Try-II ELISA Kit 96
ET001 Equine tumor necrosis factor alpha, TNF alpha ELISA Kit 96
ETR002 Equine Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 1A?TNFR1/TNFRSF1A/CD120a ELISA Kit 96
ETR003 Equine Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 1B?TNFR2/TNFRSF1B/CD120b ELISA Kit 96
ET017 Equine tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 3, TRAIL-R3 ELISA Kit 96
ET018 Equine tumor-associated antigen, TAA ELISA Kit 96
ET019 Equine Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2, TACSTD2 ELISA kit 96
EU001* Equine Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator Receptor, PLAUR/uPAR ELISA kit 96
EVA001 Equine Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor ELISA kit 96
EZ001* Equine Zinc finger MYND domain-containing protein 11?ZMYND11 ELISA kit 96
XXXXXXXX For Cytokines use the term "Interleukin" in your search.
106197 GSI Equine (horse) BMP1 ELISA Kit 96
106197-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP1 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106198 GSI Equine (horse) BMP2 ELISA Kit 96
106198-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP2 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106199 GSI Equine (horse) BMP3 ELISA Kit 96
106199-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP3 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106200 GSI Equine (horse) BMP4 ELISA Kit 96
106200-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP4 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106201 GSI Equine (horse) BMP5 ELISA Kit 96
106201-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP5 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106202 GSI Equine (horse) BMP6 ELISA Kit 96
106202-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP6 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106203 GSI Equine (horse) BMP7 ELISA Kit 96
106203-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP7 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106204 GSI Equine (horse) BMP8a ELISA Kit 96
106204-2 GSI Equine (horse) BMP8a ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106427 GSI Equine (horse) Erythropoietin ELISA Kit 96
106436 GSI Equine (horse) Erythropoietin R ELISA Kit 96
106095 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106018 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106017 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106017-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-SF-2 Plates 192
106017-SF GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106020 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106019 GSI Equine (horse) IFN-gamma ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106041-BAL GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-BAL 96
106041-BAL-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-BAL-2 Plates 192
106042 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106041 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106041-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-SF-2 Plates 192
106041-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106044 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106043 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1 beta ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106090 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106003-BAL GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-BAL 96
106003-BAL-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-BAL -2 Plates 192
106007 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106003 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106003-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106003-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid-2 Plates 192
106015 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106011 GSI Equine (horse) IL-10 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106140 GSI Equine (horse) IL-12 ELISA Kit 96
106140-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-12 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106140-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-12 ELISA Kit- SF- 2 plates 192
106140-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-12 ELISA Kit- Synovial Fluid 96
106094 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106034 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106033 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106033-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106033-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 2 Plates 192
106036 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106035 GSI Equine (horse) IL-15 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106092 GSI Equine (horse) IL-1b ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106089 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106006 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106002 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106002-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106002-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid-2 Plates 192
106014 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106010 GSI Equine (horse) IL-2 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106093 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106026 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106025 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106025-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106025-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid-2 Plates 192
106028 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106027 GSI Equine (horse) IL-4 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106105 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106063 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106062 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106062-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-SF-2 Plates 192
106062-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106065 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106064 GSI Equine (horse) IL-5 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106088 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106001-BAL GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-BAL 96
106001-BAL-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-BAL -2 Plates 192
106005 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106001 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106001-SF GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106001-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid -2 Plates 192
106013 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106009 GSI Equine (horse) IL-6 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106123 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 1 ELISA Kit 96
106123-2 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 1 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106128 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 2 ELISA Kit 96
106128-2 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 2 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106134 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 3 ELISA Kit 96
106134-2 GSI Equine (horse) TGF-beta 3 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106419 GSI Equine (horse) Thrombopoietin ELISA Kit 96
106096 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106051 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106050 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106050-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-SF-2 Plates 192
106050-SF GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106053 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106052 GSI Equine (horse) TLR1 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106097 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106030 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Cell Lysate 96
106029 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106029-SF GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106029-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid-2 Plates 192
106032 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106031 GSI Equine (horse) TLR2 ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
106098 GSI Equine (horse) TLR3 ELISA Kit 96
106098-2 GSI Equine (horse) TLR3 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106098-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) TLR3 ELISA Kit- SF- 2 plates 192
106098-SF GSI Equine (horse) TLR3 ELISA Kit- Synovial Fluid 96
106113 GSI Equine (horse) TLR6 ELISA Kit 96
106113-2 GSI Equine (horse) TLR6 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106091 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
106008 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit--Cell Lysate 96
106004 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit-Plasma/Serum 96
106004-SF-2 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit-SF-2 Plates 192
106004-SF GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
106016 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit-Urine 96
106012 GSI Equine (horse) TNF-alpha ELISA Kit-Whole Blood 96
TP801 Haptoglobin - Multi-species 100
PS0221E-030 Horse CCL2 (MCP-1) Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0224E-030 Horse Cox-2 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0219E-030 Horse FGF basic Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0213E-030 Horse GAPDH Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0220E-030 Horse GM-CSF Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0211E-030 Horse IFN gamma Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0209E-030 Horse IL-1 beta Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0218E-030 Horse IL-10 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0225E-030 Horse IL-12 p35 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0226E-030 Horse IL-12 p40 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0227E-030 Horse IL-18 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0214E-030 Horse IL-2 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0215E-030 Horse IL-4 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0216E-030 Horse IL-5 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0210E-030 Horse IL-6 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0217E-030 Horse IL-8 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0222E-030 Horse TGF-beta 1 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0228E-030 Horse TLR4 Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0212E-030 Horse TNF alpha Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
PS0223E-030 Horse VEGF Primer Set PCR 30 Reactions
CSB-E18039Hs Horse adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E16205Hs Horse Albumin (Alb) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL001703HO Horse Angiogenin (ANG) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027597HO Horse angiotensin II (ANG-II) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL001463HO Horse Angiotensinogen (AGT) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL001836HO Horse Annexin A1 (ANXA1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL006063HO Horse beta -casein (CSN2) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E06831Eq Horse beta -Endorphin, beta -EP ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL004800HO Horse C-C motif chemokine 5 (CCL5) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E16672Hs Horse C-reactive protein (CRP/PTX1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ028016HO Horse C-telopeptide of type II collagen, CTX-II ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL006251HO Horse C-X-C motif chemokine 6 (CXCL6) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL002604HO Horse Cholinesterase (BCHE) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL005595HO Horse Clusterin (CLU) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E14998Hs Horse Corticosterone (CORT) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027342HO Horse cortisol (COR) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL005976HO Horse Cysteine-rich secretory protein 3 (CRISP3) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL007400HO Horse Endothelin-1 (EDN1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL007743HO Horse Erythropoietin (EPO) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027953HO Horse estradiol (E2) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL009030HO Horse Ferritin heavy chain (FTH1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL009049HO Horse Ferritin light chain (FTL) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E17079Hs Horse Fibrinogen (Fbg) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL008759HO Horse Fibronectin (FN1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQF027510HO Horse free tri-iodothyronine indes (FT3) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL009273HO Horse gastrin (GAST) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL009965HO Horse Gelsolin (GSN) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL009968HO Horse glutathione reductase (GSR) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E11242Eq Horse growth hormone, GH ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL015057HO Horse Growth/differentiation factor 8 (MSTN) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL010829HO Horse Heat shock cognate 71 kDa protein (HSPA8) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL013714HO Horse Hepatocyte growth factor receptor (MET) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL010124HO Horse Hepcidin (HAMP) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL010553HO Horse High mobility group protein B1 (HMGB1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL010351HO Horse hypoxia inducible factor 1, alpha subunit (basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor) (HIF1A) ELISA kit 96
VS0131E-002 Horse IL-1 beta VetSet 192
VS0067E-002 Horse IL-2 VetSet 192
CSB-E13882Hs Horse Immunoglobulin G, IgG ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL010996HO Horse Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase 1 (IDO1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011742HO Horse insulin (INS) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011086HO Horse insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011088HO Horse Insulin-like growth factor II (IGF2) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011048HO Horse Interferon beta (IFNB1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011050HO Horse Interferon gamma (IFNG) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E16635Hs Horse Interleukin 1beta (IL-1beta ) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-E14223Hs Horse Interleukin 4, IL-4 ELISA Kit 96
CSB-E16634Hs Horse Interleukin 6 (IL-6) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-E14021Hs Horse Interleukin 8, IL-8 ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL011613HO Horse Interleukin-1 alpha (IL1A) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011628HO Horse Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein (IL1RN) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011580HO Horse Interleukin-10 (IL10) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011586HO Horse Interleukin-12 subunit alpha (IL12A) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011587HO Horse Interleukin-12 subunit beta (IL12B) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011608HO Horse Interleukin-18 (IL18) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011629HO Horse Interleukin-2 (IL2) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011638HO Horse Interleukin-23 subunit alpha (IL23A) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011661HO Horse Interleukin-4 receptor subunit alpha (IL4R) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011662HO Horse Interleukin-5 (IL5) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL011670HO Horse Interleukin-7 receptor subunit alpha (IL7R) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL014656HO Horse Interstitial collagenase (MMP1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL006064HO Horse Kappa-casein (CSN3) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL013229HO Horse Lactotransferrin (LTF) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL012870HO Horse Leptin (LEP) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL021065HO Horse Leukocyte elastase inhibitor (SERPINB1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL023560HO Horse Metalloproteinase inhibitor 1 (TIMP1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL023561HO Horse Metalloproteinase inhibitor 2 (TIMP2) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL014638HO Horse motilin (MLN) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL013529HO Horse Myoglobin (MB) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL021081HO Horse Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (SERPINE1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027241HO Horse platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E13183Hs Horse Progesterone (PROG) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL018724HO Horse Prolactin (PRL) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL021168HO Horse Pulmonary surfactant-associated protein A (SFTPA1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL019483HO Horse Retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027718HO Horse rotavirus (RV) antigen (Ag) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E15951Hs Horse Serum Amyloid A (SAA) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL014676HO Horse Stromelysin-1 (MMP3) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E13193Hs Horse Testosterone (T) ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EQ027831HO Horse tetanus antibody ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL025130HO Horse Thyrotropin subunit beta (TSHB) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027512HO Horse thyroxine (T4) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL023603HO Horse Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EL023446HO Horse Transforming growth factor beta -1 (TGFB1) ELISA kit 96
CSB-EQ027510HO Horse tri-iodothyronine (T3) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E14031Hs Horse Tumor necrosis factor aplha , TNF-aplha ELISA Kit 96
CSB-E13799Hs Horse Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor, VEGF ELISA Kit 96
CSB-EL002466HO Horse Vasopressin-neurophysin 2-copeptin (AVP) ELISA kit 96
CSB-E16669Hs Horse Vitamin A (VA) ELISA Kit 96
10.RT.K.4/12 INGEZIM ROTA CROM 12 12
10.RT.K.4/30 INGEZIM ROTA CROM 30 30
GR106045 Nori Equine (horse) IL-13 ELISA Kit 96
GR106045-2 Nori Equine (horse) IL-13 ELISA Kit- 2 Plates 192
GR106144 Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit 96
GR106144-2 Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit (2 plates) 192
GR106144-BAL Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit-BAL 96
GR106144-BAL-2 Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit-BAL-2 plates 192
GR106144-SF-2 Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit-SF-2 plates 192
GR106144-SF Nori Equine (horse) IL-1ra/IL-1F3 ELISA Kit-Synovial Fluid 96
RP0066E-005 Recombinant Horse CCL11 (Eotaxin-1) 5 ug
RP0066E-025 Recombinant Horse CCL11 (Eotaxin-1) 25 ug
RP0054E-005 Recombinant Horse CCL2 (MCP-1) 5 ug
RP0054E-025 Recombinant Horse CCL2 (MCP-1) 25 ug
RP0065E-005 Recombinant Horse CCL3 5 ug
RP0065E-025 Recombinant Horse CCL3 25 ug
RP0070E-005 Recombinant Horse CCL5 5 ug
RP0070E-025 Recombinant Horse CCL5 25 ug
RP0058E-005 Recombinant Horse CXCL10 (IP-10) 5 ug
RP0058E-025 Recombinant Horse CXCL10 (IP-10) 25 ug
RP0057E-005 Recombinant Horse CXCL9 (MIG) 5 ug
RP0057E-025 Recombinant Horse CXCL9 (MIG) 25 ug
RP0022E-005 Recombinant Horse GM-CSF 5 ug
RP0022E-025 Recombinant Horse GM-CSF 25 ug
RP0142E-005 Recombinant Horse IFN alpha 1 5 ug
RP0142E-025 Recombinant Horse IFN alpha 1 25 ug
RP0012E-005 Recombinant Horse IFN gamma 5 ug
RP0012E-025 Recombinant Horse IFN gamma 25 ug
RP0060E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-1 beta 5 ug
RP0060E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-1 beta 25 ug
RP0102E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-13 5 ug
RP0102E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-13 25 ug
RP0044E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-15 5 ug
RP0044E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-15 25 ug
RP0078E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-17A 5 ug
RP0078E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-17A 25 ug
RP0006E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-2 5 ug
RP0006E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-2 25 ug
RP0003E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-4 5 ug
RP0003E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-4 25 ug
RP0104E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-5 5 ug
RP0104E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-5 25 ug
RP0015E-005 Recombinant Horse IL-6 5 ug
RP0015E-025 Recombinant Horse IL-6 25 ug
RP0137E-005 Recombinant Horse TNF alpha 5 ug
RP0137E-025 Recombinant Horse TNF alpha 25 ug
TP802 Serum Amylod A - Multi-species 96